About Eko Crystals

Eko Crystals contains alkaline minerals which helps to neutralise acid allowing the body to rebalance and function better. There is also better hydration and mineralisation at the cellular level leading to better detoxification and delivery of nutrients. Eko Crystals come in a sachet and works like a tea bag. The minerals are ionic, bio-available and bio-absorbable.

What Does It Do?

The Eko Crystals sachet releases a high percentage of alkaline minerals into your drinking water and more than 70 trace minerals essential for optimal body function. The sachet is left in the bottle at all times when drinking and refilling your bottle. You take the sachet out after drinking three bottles of water. As you drink throughout the day you are continually neutralising acid.

How To Use It

Drop your Eko Crystals sachet into your bottle filled with water. Tap, filtered or tank water can be used. Place lid on bottle and shake for 15-20 seconds, wait 5-10 minutes to allow the minerals to be released into the water then drink. Drink three bottles of water throughout the day at approximately thirty minute intervals.